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BITEKSAM has adopted the principle of working only with the best in its field in order to produce work that it can always stand behind.

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While the last industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, and rapidly developing internet-based technologies reduce costs and increase industrial and corporate efficiency, they also bring cyber security risks.
BITEKSAM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES STRATEGY RESEARCH AND DEFENSE INDUSTRY CENTER LTD. ŞTİ. It has been serving the sector since 2002 with its staff specialized in IT infrastructure and security and its services and products that raise awareness. Our main service areas include advanced cyber security services and products, auditing, consultancy, computer forensics, and training.

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Who Are We?Who Are We?
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Our Products

Threat Intelligence

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Brand Protection

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Secure Bank

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Secure Portal

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Knowbe4 Free Tools

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Vmray Analyzer

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Have You Been Cyber Attacked? or Are You Under Attack?

As Biteksam Security, with its many years of experience and experienced experts in information security incident and violation management, it offers information security breach, incident management, instant incident response and evidence collection services as well as consultancy services to institutions and organizations.

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