Proactively detect suspicious activities in your work environment.

Your data and infrastructure may have been leaked at some point. We help you evaluate your organization and investigate whether attackers still have access to your system, or how they got in by bypassing your past security measures.

Within the scope of Compromise Assessment, we detect traces of attack preparations and unauthorized access to your IT infrastructure, measure the extent of damage and shed light on which targets on the network were attacked and how.

It May Take Months to Discover Hidden Threats

  • Preparation for a Targeted Attack
  • It often takes months for hackers to prepare the infrastructure they need for the attack, but it is done unnoticed.
  • Company Mergers and Sales
  • Integration with other organizations may bring with it risks hidden in the new infrastructure: implants, backdoors, CVEs, etc.
  • Unethical Competitor Actions
  • Competitors who gain access to your trade secrets will have an unfair advantage over you in the market.
  • Insider or former employees
  • Employees who know your organization's infrastructure and leak information may not be detected for long periods of time.

How to miss Security Violations

- Hackers can bypass ordinary security measures by frequently changing the methods and tools they use.
- Insiders who leak information are careful; they may go unnoticed because they use authorized software.
- Attacks on your infrastructure may not be direct, but may be from subsidiaries of which you are a partner or customer.

Group-IB detects threats before they cause harm to your organization

As part of the Compromise Assessment service, Group-IB experts will install the TDS hardware and software solution on your infrastructure, then our team members, who have conducted hundreds of successful investigations, will examine your IT infrastructure and look for signs of unauthorized access

  • Our Computer Forensics experts will reveal traces of attacker activity by checking key elements of your infrastructure.
  • Our specially developed forensic analysis tools and only our threat intelligence data are used
  • With TDS Sensor, you can detect network anomalies, infections and abnormal behavior on devices.
  • Examine key devices in your infrastructure: Domain controllers, transaction servers, payment gateways, etc.

Reports on security breaches

  • Detailed analysis of attack progress and attacker activities

Reports on services provided

  • Step-by-step technical details of the Compromise Assessment process and all results obtained.


  • Recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure against future attacks

Summaries for managers

  • Brief reports on key findings of the evaluation
  • Catch traces of attacks that you missed in your organization's network with the TDS Package.

You will receive:

  • TDS Polygon runs suspicious files in an isolated, secure environment, analyzes their behavior and precisely measures threat levels.
  • By reviewing the attack process, you can prevent the repetition of the events.
  • All detected security incidents are analyzed 24/7 by Group-IB experts.




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