Threat Monitoring is a critical part of every company's security portfolio. Trying to mitigate the consequences of cyber attacks is becoming an increasingly expensive and time-consuming process, as we can see from major media channels lately. Thanks to cyber intelligence, it is possible to smell cyber attacks before they happen and make your preparations in advance.

By collecting large amounts of proprietary and patented data, we make it easier to prevent and repel targeted attacks while predicting risks with our reliable and applicable intelligence solutions specifically selected for your needs.

Full access to information that helps you predict and prevent cyber attacks – one month free trial.

You can use all functions of the system during our trial period.

No installation needed

All the information you need is available from the web interface or via API. You will receive data flow specific to your company's needs the day after your membership begins.
When your trial period ends, you will also receive a monthly usage report tailored to your company.

Maximize your cyber security with your personal analysis assistant

  • You can send malware samples for analysis
  • You may request additional information about threats such as cyber criminal groups, phishing emails, domain names and IP addresses
  • Thanks to the Group-IB team, you can strengthen your response procedure – take down phishing sites, block fraudulent mobile applications, and much more.

Easy to Use and Functional

Cloud Based Service

You can access all information via a web-based interface. You can follow notifications and details in real time.

Personal Analyst

You can send all your questions and requests about cyber criminals and threats to our analysis experts and verify them with an operation report specially prepared for your needs.

Reporting Module

Thanks to imaging software and modules, you can work with statistics, see and follow trends, and make effective decisions by looking at statistical analysis.

One-step Integration

You can integrate Group-IB Threat Intelligence into your existing processes and systems with STIX/TAXII without disrupting your standard workflow.

Intruder Detection and Response to Phishing Attacks

  • In less than three hours, discover 99% of domains, phone apps, SSL certificates or websites that are using your brand for malicious purposes.
  • Fast and effective blocking of malicious sites in RU, .PO and 1100 other domains.
  • Thanks to our special technology, we can access the email addresses used by phishing actors to obtain stolen information.

Strategic Intelligence

  • A closer look at cybersecurity trends, attacks, cybercriminal groups and the software they use.
  • Annual and quarterly cyber threat and trend reports, key events from the world of cybersecurity, forecasts from Group-IB experts.
  • Special analyzes on demand.
  • Improve your cyber security strategy with the predictions of the world's most qualified experts.
  • Maximize your return on investment in cybersecurity projects and initiatives, from incident response to support from your personal analysts.

Operational Intelligence

  • New malware programs and services, trends and movements in cybercriminal communities, changes in cybercriminal tactics and tools
  • In-depth investigation of underground cybercriminal communities and forums
  • Hacktivists, their tactics, profiles, techniques and attacks
  • Recognize new malware that can target your company, infrastructure and customers, thanks to operational notifications.
  • Be informed about any data leaks, database sales, insider sales, or information gathering efforts targeting your company.

Tactical Intelligence

  • Content rich in detail about compromised accounts, credit cards, infected mobile devices and events that took place – time of event, software used, C2, cybercriminal groups that may be relevant.
  • Configuration files of malware
  • Detailed information on Command and Control server.
  • Intelligence on DDoS attacks
  • Database of suspicious IP addresses (TOR, SOCKS, Proxy)
  • It helps you prevent cyber security incidents and crimes for both your customers, employees and partners.
  • Malware and complex cyber-attack tools that cannot be detected by antivirus software


    We detect emerging platforms and their movements through high-tech automated extraction on more than 3,000,000 sources. We detect unauthorized activity related to your brand on the following resources:

    • Domain names
    • Mobile applications
    • Search engines
    • Specifically targeted ads
    • Databases and phishing sources
    • Online shopping channels
    • Social media and influencers
    • Telegram channels
    • Dark web


    Special algorithms are used to categorize the attack, understand how dangerous it is, and assign priority to achieve a good outcome.

    • Scoring harmful resources
    • Assessment of financial losses
    • Detection of pirated product sales
    • Blocking the entire phishing infrastructure by detecting Phishing Kits
    • Comparison with partners' whitelists
    • Digital evidence collection


    Moderator accounts and strong relationships with major platforms:

    Threats on major platforms can be removed instantly thanks to Group-IB's connections on these platforms.

    Fame among criminals:

    Most criminals know Group-IB, and they know that we can get them caught. Knowing that the results are inevitable makes all interventions more effective.

    The fastest blocking on domains with .RU and .PФ extensions. Thanks to the deep-rooted influence of Group-IB, attack domains, most of which originate from .ru, can be closed as soon as they are detected as malicious.

    Rapid response in more than 1,000 domains Group-IB, as an authorized member of International Response Team Associations, can close many domains that are detected to be harmful within an average of 24 hours.