Red Teaming: Simulation of a targeted attack on your own systems using advanced tactics, techniques and procedures used by hackers themselves to improve your security posture.

Get answers to important questions with wide-ranging attacks that can involve your security team:

  • How prepared are your security systems to prevent, detect and respond to real threats?
  • How does your security team deal with a targeted attack?
  • How can you increase your organization's defense capacity against cyber attacks?

The term "Red Teaming" comes from conflict scenarios in military training by assigning one team as the attacking team (Red Team) and one team as the defending team (Blue Team).

Red Teaming is not time limited. Our dedicated Red Team constantly tests to ensure your security systems are operating optimally. Diversified testing is constantly implemented to simulate as closely as possible attackers who may experiment with different tools and vectors, spending months preparing for a real-world attack.

You will receive:

  • Summarized reports for senior management
  • Technical details on our findings and expert advice to improve your system security
  • Emergency notifications of critical vulnerabilities




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