Fraud and attack prevention system that works on the client side and can detect sessions, platforms and devices.

Secure Bank is a targeted, transparent early warning system built to prevent fraud. As a SaaS solution, the Secure Bank module is installed on the client device along with the bank pages or comes as an SDK in banking applications.

No installation is required on the client side.

Based on data from detailed device fingerprinting, clientless malware detection, behavioral, cross-channel and cross-client analytics, Secure Bank detects and blocks dangerous activities. Among them:

  • Malicious injections in online bank pages
  • Phishing attacks and social engineering
  • Unauthorized access to customer devices to perform transactions on behalf of the customer
  • Bank Trojans that are set to make automatic bank payments or change sender information
  • Unauthorized logins due to Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • New malware versions

How Secure Bank Works

Data Collection

  • Our JavaScript module will start working on the page without requiring any additional steps from the client. The functions of the code are not noticeable to the bank's customer.
  • The module monitors any injection attempts that may occur on online banking pages, collects user identity data from customer devices and detects behavior that can be considered malicious activity on the customer's part.
  • An anonymous version of the data, free of identity information, is delivered to the Secure Bank server infrastructure through a secure channel.
  • The code does not affect the page loading speed.

Data Processing

  • In order to ensure the confidentiality and correlation of the collected data, Group-IB uses data collected from private data sources and updated daily.
  • If fraud is detected, Group-IB immediately notifies the bank security service.
  • Using the API, notifications and incident response procedures can be set up to be integrated directly into the bank's security infrastructure in real time.


  • To steal user and debit card data, attackers open fake bank websites. Many of these pages are exact copies of their original sources.
  • With the first user entering these Phishing pages, our module will detect the domain name of the web page and forward it to Secure Bank.
  • Secure Bank will forward the detected domain name to our CERT-Gib emergency response team 24/7, and they will quickly close the phishing page upon your approval.

Maximum Comfort

Detailed information about suspicious sessions can be accessed via the web interface.

Cloud Interface

All information about suspicious sessions can be accessed via the web interface.

Documented API

Comfortable integration with Fraud Monitoring and IT infrastructure systems.

Informative Reports

You can follow changes in attack dynamics and nature thanks to visualized statistics, divided into event types and periods.

Support with Analysis Experts

For situation intervention, you can benefit from the vast experience of our professional experts on the subject.

Systems Ready for Integration:

- Intellinx
- FraudWall

Your Money Stays in Your Pocket

Prevents crimes with early fraud detection.
No additional equipment costs to cover your entire customer base.
It reduces your costs from handling false positives and making unnecessary calls to customers.

Your Reputation Strengthens

Increasing the security level of your online banking systems will increase their attractiveness. By keeping your customers informed of the latest attacks and security breaches, it increases their trust in you. By reducing the number of your IT security incidents, the risk of damage to your brand value is reduced.

Special Threat Data Sources

Thanks to our dedicated infrastructure for collecting threat data, we are able to track new fraud patterns and collect early indicators that systems may have been compromised.

Threat Intelligence

Group-IB, data in accounts compromised as a result of hacker attacks By further quarantining, it prevents illegal situations that may arise from both compromised devices and information.


In Group-IB's Computer Forensics laboratory, our analysis experts constantly examine the most advanced malware targeting our customers and provide detailed information about them.

Machine Intelligence

By processing extensive behavioral data, our machines are able to detect harmful anomalies. Group-IB analysts then select from this data what is likely to be related to fraud, and employ machine learning algorithms to detect unknown fraud indicators.
Secure Bank reports can be viewed via the web interface.