Digital Risk Protection Platform

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring (CPM)

Large enterprises own hundreds of domains and subdomains and each one of them needs to be monitored for domain expiration, SSL expiration, SSL vulnerabilities, changes in DNS and Whois records. Otherwise, the control of your sub/domain may be transferred to a third party. SOCRadar’s CPM provides all these controls on behalf of you and also search for rogue SSL certificates, DNS record hijacking, and subdomain takeover.

With SOCRadar's CPM;

  • CMS and plugins, web server versions, web server header information, login forms, and dynamic fields are checked for possible vulnerabilities.
  • DNS, SSL, domain and service information belonging to your assets are constantly monitored and any changes are notified through alarms.
  • Fraudulent domain names, asset reputation, data leakage and social media monitoring is handled constantly with cyber threat intelligence module.
  • Your website is continuously monitored for defacement, malware, and changes in javascripts used at the website.
  • Your assets are defined through simple and easy to understand interfaces and prioritized by you.
  • Dashboard includes quality and meaningful graphs, including but not limited to SLA and KPI.
  • DDoS resiliency is monitored by DDoS amplification target detection.
  • Data at rest is secured through asymmetric encryption at the database level.
  • New assets are detected to understand the full scope of the perimeter.
  • Availability of your border protection devices such as WAF/IPS are monitored.
  • Critical ports and services on your assets are detected.

Targeted Cyber Intelligence

SOCRadar’s CTI monitors extensive range of sites and channels where bad actors share information such as forums at dark web, public or private paste sites, torrent and file-sharing sites, etc. CTI helps you to get ahead of hackers. It alerts when any information related to your company and assets is shared or any leak (credentials, credit card info, etc) appears.

Social Media Monitoring

Hackers love social media, too. And why not, it's the best media for strong PR. Most successful or planned hacks are publicized in social media. The company brand is being tracked by SOCRadar through social media against successful or scheduled hack attempts.

Asset Reputation Monitoring

Developers love to share their codes to help each other. However, this innocent act may result in critical attack. Not every code is for share. TCI monitors code-sharing sites to alert you when any piece of code that points to your assets or organization is shared.

Targeted Malware Detection

By keeping track of malware, SOCRadar's TCI detects if it is malware that targets your organization.

Fraudulent Domain Monitoring

Possible fraudulent domains are monitored by SOCRadar and alarms are produced when any domain registration change occurs. Modern attacks like CryptoLocker involve in client side security awareness. However, corporates brand trust is being actively exploited in these scenarios.

Hackers use social media for not only sharing but also stealing customer information with fraudulent social media accounts. SOCRadar's TCI detects such accounts and the links promoted in the shares.

Tracking Data Leaks

SOCRadar searches against several paste tool data houses and underground hacked and then publicized databases for possible sensitive data leakages. From credit card numbers to email addresses, or domain names are being searched through vast amount of disclosed data, and if any matches occur alarms will be produced for possible actions.