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Secure Portal

Personal data security and fraud protection for your customers

An innovative solution for websites, e-commerce platforms, and paid subscription services

Data collection

User module Secure Portal runs together with the web page without any involvement from the customer. The script functions unnoticeable to the customer and it does not slow page loading speed.

Secure Portal monitors any injection attempts in Internet pages and creates a unique client device fingerprints and monitors for other signatures of malicious activity on the client side.

The anonymized data are transmitted over a secure channel to the Secure Portal server infrastructure.

Data processing

Group-IB then analyses this data for malicious activity by using our databases of information on the activities of fraudsters both in Russia and abroad.

If fraud is detected, Group-IB immediately informs the portal security service for them to automatically take the desired action.

Our API can be used for direct integration with fraud monitoring systems and with other portal IT infrastructure including notifications and established response procedures in real time.

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