Mountain View

Secure Bank

Innovative solution for secure online payments

Financial fraud prevention and detection to better protect your customers

How Secure Bank ensures online banking safety

Secure Bank mitigates online banking risks for your customers, running alongside existing IT systems. No need to have it installed on your customers’ devices.

The script does not slow down the operation of your website.

Secure Bank takes a proactive stand to ensure fraud prevention and detection, screening operations for any sign of malicious activities.

Collected information goes from your bank’s IT systems to Secure Bank. No personal data are collected, transmitted or stored.

Group-IB experts are up-to-date with the latest cyber threats to the banking industry in order to properly break down and rate the collected data.

Secure Bank sends immediate notifications of online fraud or suspicious e‑banking transactions, allowing you to offset their consequences. Secure Bank can be integrated with your organization’s anti-fraud software and existing IT infrastructure to ensure an even faster response to online banking frauds.

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