Roksit DNS Firewall

Roksit analyses and categorizes DNS traffic, to detect Malware, C&C Botnet, Ransomware, Phishing etc. malicious network traffic and blocks unwanted traffic, thus ensures efficient DNS security. Roksit features a highly successful AI categorizing mechanism to maintain a comprehensive domain categorization database.

Thanks to the pro-dynamic / up-to-date domain categorization database, Roksit provides advanced cyber protection (Guest network, Tablet PC, Phone, TV, Smart Fridges, etc.). Blocks malicious network traffic generated by malware. With its positive security model, any domain addresses that are not present in the database or not already present in the database will be blocked for access, allowing efficient protection. Protects innocent users trying to access malicious email connections.

Why DNS Firewall?

Unlike regular security products that integrate into a SIEM product or reports on current security threats, Roksit DNS Firewall blocks malicious traffic created by malware that bypassed next generation firewall, IDS/IPS, web filtering device or endpoint security. Cuts out malicious network activity by providing DNS visiblity at square one. Presents fast and flexible reporting with real-time reporting features.

Efficient Protection Independent From Application Layer

The DNS protocol is like the heart of all internet traffic. All TCP, UDP, SSL or unencrypted internet traffic uses DNS for address resolution. Because Roksit's controls begin at OSI Layer 4, before internet traffic begins at the application layer, Roksit isn't affected by application layer changes and keeps providing an efficient solution.


  • Roksit DNS Firewall has a 99% domain categorization success rate, allowing positive security model without compromising comfortable internet use.
  • Prevents malicious activity from uncategorized domain names with positive security model
  • You can centrally monitor all internet traffic from remote offices and premises, administrate various security policies remotely
  • You can detect abnormalities in your internet traffic, allowing fast action with the warning system
  • Malware, Ransomware, Botnet, C&C, Phishing, Warez etc. malicious traffic can be easily blocked


Step 1:

Registration to use Roksit DNS Firewall is done through web address. After registration is complete, a security policy is created and applied. Usage starts with DNS forwarding.

Step 2:

User internet traffic (DNS) reaches Roksit. Responses are sent back according to domain address category.

Step 3:

Once malicious internet traffic has been detected, Roksit's "blocked" page will be returned.

Step 4:

All internet (DNS) traffic is recorded in real-time, providing fast and flexible reports.