Real-time personal data security and fraud protection for websites, online stores, and paid subscription services

  • Protect your user accounts
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Detect loyalty programme fraud


    Using unique data and cutting-edge fraud detection technologies, Secure Portal provides advanced user authentication and detects fraudulent activity on the client side in real-time.

  • Bots & Botnets:
  • Shell bots, web bots and botnets used for scraping, brute-force attacks and illegal activity on the website.
  • Payment fraud:
  • P2P payment fraud, card-not-present fraud, malicious web injections, chargebacks
  • User account fraud:
  • Unathorized account access, account takeover.
  • Social engineering attacks:
  • Social media fraud, email scams, phishing and web fakes.
  • Loyalty programme fraud:
  • Theft of reward points & frequent flyer miles, multiple account fraud.
  • Cross-channel fraud:
  • Cross-channel attacks on web portals and mobile apps.

    Secure your profits

    Prevent crime with early fraud detection. No added equipment costs to cover your entire client base. Lowers your costs from processing through false positives and making unnecessarry calls to your clients.

    Boost your reputation

    Increasing the security level of your online banking systems will increase their attractiveness to clients. By informing your customers about the latest cyber attacks and security breaches in the sector that you're following up on, you increase customer trust in the brand. Lowering your occurance of IT security incidents lowers the risk of damage to your reputation.

    Who benefits from Secure Portal:

    • Online Stores - Company Portals
    • Gaming Portals
    • E-Trade
    • Paid Subscription Services

    Proprietary Threat Data Sources

    With our unique infrastructure set up to collect threat data, we can follow new examples of fraud and collect the earliest Indicators Of Compromise.

    Threat Intelligence

    Group-IB quarantines data obtained through hacker attacks, preventing breaches of law through compromised user devices and information. Information on TOR nodes, SOCKS proxies and other suspicious IP information is updated daily, actions that could be pointing to fraud are detected immediately and stopped.


    Our analysts at Group-IB Forensics Labs constantly inspect targeted malware to our clients, supplying detailed information about their inner workings.

    Data Collecting

    • Our JavaScript module starts running on the page on the client side, without any added actions from the users. The code's functions are designed in a fashion that would not be noticed by the site's visitors.
    • Using full stack of anti-fraud technologies and unique threat data, Secure Portal detects fraud indicators in real time. The module detects and follows any injection attempts that could occur on the web pages, collects data indicating user details and detects activites that could be malicious from the client side.
    • An anonimized version of the data that's stripped from user identity details is brought to the Secure Portal server infrastructure through a secure channel.
    • The code does not affect the page's loading speed.

    Data Processing

    • In order to secure the privacy and correlation of the data collected, Group-IB uses daily updated proprietary information from private data sources.
    • If fraud has been detected, Group-IB immediately notifies the portal's security service.
    • Using the API, the notifications and the response procedures for the events can be configured to integrate directly through the Portal to the existing IT security infrastructure


    • For theft of user credentials and bank card data, fraudsters create fake websites. Many of these are simply copies of the original resource.
    • As soon as the first user enters the phishing resource, the module informs the Secure Portal system on the domain name of the website, which is detected by the module.
    • Secure Portal transfers the domain name detected to 24/7 CERT-GIB emergency response team, which will promptly block the phishing resource upon your confirmation.


    Details about suspicious sessions can be accessed easily through the web interface.

    Light-Speed Integration

    It takes about 20 minutes to set Secure Portal on your website.

    Documented API

    Easy integration with other Fraud Monitoring and IT infrastructure platforms.

    Support With Analysis Experts

    You can benefit from the broad experience of our professional fraud response experts.