Group-IB 24/7 Red Team

An effective simulation of targeted attacks to greatly improve your security posture

Full-scale attacks with your security team involved that are designed to answer the following questions:
  • Are your systems prepared to prevent, detect and respond to real-world incidents?
  • How does your security team deal with a targeted attack?
  • How should your approach to security be changed to improve company's defensive capabilities against cyber-attacks?

The term "Red Teaming" comes from the military practice of having a portion of the team during war games play the role of the enemy (the "Red Team") as opposed to the friendly forces (the "Blue Team")

Red Teaming is not limited by time. Our dedicated Red Team, constantly testing to ensure security systems are working optimally, closely mimics a real attacker who can prepare for attacks trying various tools and vectors for months.

You will get:
  • Summary for senior-level management
  • Technical details with our findings and expert recommendations for improvement of your systems' security
  • Emergency notifications of critical vulnerabilities
  • Jointly determining objectives and tools to simulate threat actor behavior
  • For several months: continuous simulation of targeted attacks which only CISO is informed about
  • Continuous monitoring for changes in your infrastructure, which increase attack surface

Continuous Red Teaming can help you to be prepared for targeted attacks, identify and mitigate complex vulnerabilities, and enhance your security team's ability to respond to real‑world incidents.