Brand Protection


3,000,000'dan fazla kaynak üzerinde yüksek teknoloji otomasyonlu ayıklama ile ortaya çıkan platformları ve hareketlerini tespit ediyoruz. High-tech automated monitoring of more than 3,000,000 resources, tracking the appearance of platforms and their movements:
  • Domain names
  • Mobile app stores
  • Search Engines
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Databases of phishing resources
  • Online classifieds and marketplaces
  • Social media and opinion leaders
  • Telegram channels
  • Dark web


Unique algorithms that help categorise the attack, assess how dangerous it is, and prioritise the response in order to reach a tangible result
  • Scoring of fraudulent resources
  • Assessment of financial losses
  • Detection of counterfeit goods & offers
  • Extraction on phishing kits to block the entire phishing infrastructure
  • Comparison with partners' white list
  • Collection of digital evidence


Moderator accounts and well-established relations with major platforms:

Threats are removed instantaneously through the interface/accelerated review of requests by administrators of major platforms.

Reputation among criminals:

Many scammers know about Group-IB and understand that we can have them convicted. Awareness that sanctions are inevitable makes all responses more effective.

The fastest blocking in .ru / .pФ. national domains

Competent organisation of the Coordination Centre for TLD RU/РФ in blocking phishing and harmful resources means that removing domains from delegation at the request of Group-IB is done on a priority basis.

Rapid response in 1,000+ domain zones

Direct links with domain name registrars and hosting providers, cooperation with response teams throughout the world.